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How to identify a crashed car

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How to identify a crashed car

Buying a used car is very risky. There is a chance to buy a car that turns out to be crashed.

The first thing that should be paid attention is whether the car is crashed. If the car is crashed, it may affect the life of its service, you may have problems with resale and this is a big problem associated with losing money. Even if the previous owner swears that the car was never in an accident, it’s better to see for yourself.

Tips for inspection a crashed car

The car you are planning to buy should be well washed and clean. Even a small layer of dust can hide damage. If possible, the inspection is best done outdoors during the daytime. If you are inspecting the cars indoors, you should take care of a sufficient amount of bright light.

Bright sunlight allows you to quickly identify even a small difference in the paint and varnish coating of the car. The waves will also be visible – this may indicate that the body or parts of it have been repainted. If suspicion occurs, you can compare the same body locations from different angles. If a certain part of the body was subjected to deformation, and then to restorative work, then asymmetry will be noticeable when compared with the opposite area.

The paintwork surface of the car should be given special attention. The painted areas will differ in gloss level and uniformity of shading.

For greater confidence, the car can be viewed from below. For convenience, the machine should be lifted on the lift. Carefully inspect all the details. If you notice a difference in their color, then probably some parts have recently been replaced. Should be alerted, if the seller did not mention anything about this, and find out the reason for replacing the parts, after all it is possible that it was required after the accident.

Be careful when buying a used car.


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