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Danger road


Top 5: The most dangerous roads in the world

1.Track D915 or Bayburt Yolu, Turkey

On one side of the road is a mountain slope, on the other – hundreds of meters of precipice, which promise an imminent death. No protective fences, and in addition rockfalls and landslides – what else is needed for a pleasant and comfortable way? Route D915 – a true test for experienced drivers, and feel all the charm of mountain off-road you will have all 29 steep turns of the primer, which in some places is so narrow that it does not miss two cars at the same time. And if you go by truck or bus, this can be a serious problem. Bayburt Jolu is located at an altitude of 1820 meters above sea level, which means that rain or snow is constantly raining here. However, despite all the dangers, local residents regularly use this road, embarking on a journey on all possible modes of transport.

2. The Devil’s Trampoline (Trampolín del Diablo), Colombia

The devil’s trampoline is a literal translation of the name of the Colombian mountain road, famous for its danger and narrowness. The higher you climb it up the mountain, the already it becomes. But the most terrible thing is absolutely blind and very sharp turns. And all this despite the fact that there is a two-way traffic, and daily run both cars and large buses. The task of surviving on this serpentine is complicated by frequent fogs and steep precipices. .

3. Piste de Jaffar, Morocco

The Cirque de Jaffar is a natural mountain amphitheater formed as a result of glacial erosion in the center of the hill with steep slopes. The road leading to this natural object is called Pist de Jaffar, and it is clearly not for the faint-hearted travelers. Piste de Jaffar is difficult to call expensive, it is rather a dangerous rocky path, beyond which there is clearly no one to follow. And yet it is not only local residents who use it, but also courageous tourists who come here for thrills and indescribable views. If you decide to go in this direction, you should hire an experienced driver from the locals, because nobody better than them can not manage the car on a bumpy off road Jaffar

4. Road Kilong-Kishtwar (Keylong-Kishtwar), India

The Indian road of Kilong-Kishtvor is a dirt road on the mountainside, absolutely not equipped with any protective structures. Although it would be fairer to say that this is a path on one side of which opens a view of the dizzying abyss. It is very narrow and broken, and in some parts of the cliff hovers directly over the head of travelers and drivers.

5. Mountain Vojak (Vojak), Croatia

With this road is better not to joke. There is even a sign on which it says that the driver drives on only at his own peril and risk. All this is about the route leading to the top of Mount Voyak, on which towers a stone tower erected there by climbers back in the early 20th century. In some areas, the gradient reaches 28.3%! With such differences it is safer here to walk on foot than to arrive by car …

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