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How to distinguish original spare parts from non-original ones?

How to distinguish original spare parts from non-original ones?

How to distinguish  parts ?

The issue of choosing auto spare parts for many foreign car owners is complex and painful. Whenever the repair time is suitable, the car enthusiast must choose between original spare parts and cheaper analogs (or, as they are also called, copies, duplicates, non-original parts). The problem is that the price of original products is quite high, usually it is several times higher than the cost of inexpensive analogues. Buying an original sometimes hurts at the purse of the car owner, and so there is a desire to somehow save, but without much risk for the quality of repairs. Saving, and tangible, in the matter of purchasing spare parts, indeed, is possible. However, in order to understand how to properly save, choosing the details for a foreign car, you should clearly understand what distinguishes the original car parts from non-original ones.

3 types of spare parts

The main thing that should be clarified: there are 3 main types of auto parts:

– original;
– non-original;
– Counterfeit.

Counterfeit is a special type of product, which is highly undesirable when it comes to repairing a foreign car. Counterfeit details are the most that neither are frank falsifications (both original and non-original spare parts). They are distinguished by a very mediocre quality, low lifespan. Moreover – they, as a rule, fail or are destroyed directly during operation, and at the most unexpected moment. The danger of counterfeiting is that this product is sold in a package that is similar to that used by proven manufacturers, or in a completely identical one. Conclusion: you should never choose parts for packaging – inside anything can be anything.

Original spare parts

So, we have come to the main thing: we will compare original spare parts and non-original ones. What are they different in?
Originals are auto parts that are manufactured either directly by the car factory (for example, Toyota Motor Corporation) or under the license of this plant (when Toyota orders the manufacture of spare parts from another enterprise – its partner). In principle, such details are no different, since their production is carried out by one technology (including quality control). So, you can be completely confident in the practicality and reliability of original spare parts. However, there is one nuance. The fact is that factories of the same Toyota are located in different countries of the world. So, the production of original auto parts takes place at enterprises of different levels (say, the level of production in the US, of course, is higher than the quality that enterprises of Turkey provide). The country of origin matters, although production is always under license and under the control of Toyota.
Now we list the key signs of “originality”:
– Presence of original packaging – original products are delivered only in a package containing recognizable signs of corporate identity (in this case, certain features in different countries may vary).
– Presence of a sticker with a bar code on the package is an indispensable element, which is always accompanied by the name of the automaker and indicating the country of origin (Made in Thailand, for example).
– Presence of the original code on the sticker (usually it consists of 10 or 12 digits).
An additional feature that unfortunately does not meet with all original spare parts is the factory marking on the very part (for example, it can be the name of the manufacturer).

Non-original auto parts

Not original spare parts are produced by various enterprises (including car factory partners). These products are not intended for the conveyor, and the production technology may be slightly different from that required by the car factory. That is, the manufacturer can comply with the requirements of Toyota in the manufacture of certain auto parts, and may not comply. Automobile plant, at the same time, there is no responsibility for the quality of such parts. As you can see, non-original parts – the class is rather heterogeneous. Among them there are both exact analogies of originals, and details that are quite different from “native” ones.

The issue is seriously complicated by the fact that in the whole world there are many enterprises that produce auto parts for these or other foreign cars – and the level of production is everywhere different. Therefore, it is recommended to buy non-original only well-known enterprises, large enough and well-known. Such companies, as a rule, value their reputation and try to fully meet the requirements of the automaker.

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