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A dirty engine does not pose a great danger to the car as a whole and does not change its specifications. Moreover, clear guidance on how to correctly/accurately/properly to wash the car engine and how often – no. But, there are several nuances that explain why the internal mechanisms are better to keep clean.

Self-cleaning engine

The dirt on the engine makes it difficult to control the leakage of technical liquids (coolants, oil). In the event of a fault, the motorist will not be able to notice the problem in time and, as a result, risks getting more serious problems. Then, the dirt build-up makes it difficult to heat the engine and contribute to its overheating. That is, the wear process is accelerated.

As for the wiring, the resulting dirt on it is able to complicate the start of the engine (current leakage). Another important aspect – a clean engine is less fire-hazardous. Oil leaks formed in the engine compartment, evaporating and forming combustible vapors, can lead to ignition of the engine. A clean unit is easier and more pleasant to maintain. Most auto workshops simply refuse to take the machine to work with heavily contaminated engine compartment.

For self-cleaning of the engine, you can use water with shampoo, or for better removal of dirt to buy a special cleaner for the engine.


Foam engine cleaner

Quickly removes any contamination of the engine compartment: burnt technical liquids, oil stains, and salt road residues. Powerful emulsifiers, forming an active foam, allow the composition to be held on vertical surfaces, penetrate into the gaps between the parts, and remove any, even old dirt. Safe for plastic and rubber.



Properly wash the engine-it does not wash it with water under high pressure. Otherwise, the harm will be more than good. In this way, it is easy to damage the insulation and cause corrosion processes inside the connectors in the generator, distributor, various relays, etc. a Strong jet can completely wash off the stickers with important information in the engine compartment, as well as damage the paint on some parts.

Use a weak stream of water with the use of high-quality car chemicals and special auto shampoo. No household detergents should be seriously considered by a competent person because of their inefficiency/uselessness against motor oil. The washing process itself is as follows:

Isolate polyethylene all that afraid of water (connectors, generator, inlet air filter and breaker-distributor);

Warm up and jam the engine (it should be warm, but not hot);

Remove the battery (you cannot remove, but the “minus” terminal is better to disconnect);

Apply the detergent to the engine and give a couple of minutes to dissolve the dirt;

Wash off, remove the insulation and dry.

The battery can be treated with a mixture of water and baking soda in equal proportions, which is important after a stationary battery charge to reduce its discharge. This is a good way to get rid of corrosion.

After washing the engine is optimally dry compressor, but can be a vacuum cleaner. In an extreme case, you can run it and wait until the moisture evaporates. Then you should wipe everything with a rag. It is recommended to wash the motor once / twice a year.

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