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Car gearbox

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Car gearbox

To understand how the gearbox works, you must divide it into three separate systems:

Hydro transformer, gearbox, and hydraulic controller (automatic transmission control unit)

The transmission is a simple system of planetary gears, which are switched by means of hand levers.

The torque converter is a hydraulic clutch that transfers torque from the engine to the elements of the automatic transmission.

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The hydraulic controller (block-control box automatic) is the most difficult part of the entire automatic transmission. Typically, the automatic box has a pump (or several pumps) that regulates the pressure on the input shaft of the box. There is also a valve (or pump) on the output shaft, which also regulates the pressure in the box.

Due to the differences in pressure, a logical chain of switching speeds is created depending on the engine torque. This work is assisted by various valves that activate the switching of a particular gear, using the shift levers that control the planetary mechanism of the box.

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