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How correctly to issue CASCO (important points)?


The decision to ensure the car on the CASCO system does not come just like that. A person comes to him consciously, realizing that extended insurance will save a lot of unpleasant situations associated with damage or hijacking. An incorrect choice of an insurance company can lead to a not good case. That is why we will consider insignificant at first glance, but important points, which should not be forgotten when preparing a CASCO policy.

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In the first place, you should not be tempted by an unnecessarily low price of insurance. We considered factors that directly affect the cost of insurance. They need to be remembered when drawing up a policy. In addition, there are still certain CASCO rules, which require an indispensable clarification in the text of the treaty.

The terms “damage”, “theft”, “hijacking”, “total car death” and others must be clearly defined in the text of the contractor in the insurance rules of the company. This is necessary so that in disputable situations companies cannot refuse compensation. Casco gives full compensation for damage even if you are guilty. The item “Obligations of the parties” is very important not only for the company but also for the client. Study it carefully. If you apply for an insurance event to the company, and suddenly it turns out that you did not do it within the time limit prescribed in the contract (for example, 10 days), the company will have the full right to refuse to refund you. Even if you have chosen an excellent company with a credible reputation, carefully read all the clauses of the contract, especially those written in fine print. This will protect you from many unpleasant situations when working with the company in the future.

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