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Winter tires

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Winter tires

Which tires are better for winter: studded or Velcro?

Disputes about what kind of rubber is better for winter, studded or “Velcro”, do not subside and they are not going to subside. And there are reasons for that. Firstly, the technology of winter tire production is constantly improving. Secondly, the vagaries of weather and climate change can also make their own adjustments to the trip. How to choose the right winter tires? It all depends on which car and roads you drive. Before selecting the winter tires, you need to find out what the manufacturer of your car recommends.

Much here depends on the engine power and the weight of the car.So, when choosing tires, consider these parameters. In particular, the more powerful the machine is the wider  the winter tires for it should be. But the main thing depends on the roads in your region. If in the winter they are well cleaned and are mostly asphalt – you can safely put advanced “Velcro”, which behave very well on the winter asphalt. However, if on the roads in your region often there is tamped snow and ice cake – studded tires are a more suitable choice. When choosing winter tires, it should be remembered that it is desirable to put new and identical tires on all four wheels. At the same time, an other important aspect of the winter drive is the observance of the high-speed regime depending on the weather and the state of the route. No accident to you winter ride! …

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