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Car with a right-hand drive

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Car with a right-hand drive

What are the advantages of a car with a right-hand drive?

The main advantage of a car with a right-hand drive is the driver’s exit to the sidewalk. With right-hand traffic for the driver, it is very important to get out of the car not on the roadway, where you need to be careful and attentive, but on the sidewalk where you do not need to especially take care of your safety. But this advantage has a downside: from the right-hand drive vehicle, it is necessary for the passenger of the front seat to go out on the roadway. There are also advantages regarding the safety of the driver in a head-on collision. Usually, in such accidents, the most severe impact is on the left side of the car, so here again, the driver is winning, and the main impact is on the passenger.

With right-hand traffic on a car with a right-hand drive, the viewing angle is much less when overtaking. Most drivers consider this a disadvantage, but in reality, a reduced angle should increase the driver’s vigilance and caution when deciding to overtake. On cars with a right-hand drive, you need to start overtaking with a much greater distance from the overtaken car, so for experienced drivers, overtaking with the right-hand drive should not cause difficulties. Cars with the right-hand drive are imported mainly from Japan, in which the traffic is left-handed. The share of right-hand drive vehicles in the total flow of cars is highest in the Far East and Siberia. The authorities have repeatedly tried to ban the import of cars with a right-hand drive in …

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