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The return of Moby Dick

porsche 935

The return of Moby Dick

The return of Moby Dick: Porsche revived the legendary model

Porsche presented its old legendary sports car 935 on a new aggregate base, which caused delight among fans of the brand.

The British company Jaguar Land Rover has a division of JLR Classic, which is engaged in the restoration and sale of classic cars brands Jaguar and Land Rover.


Simple and clear business. And Porsche has a division of Porsche Motorsport, which repeated the story to a new level: it revived the legend of Le Mans in 1978, which was nicknamed Moby Dick, on a modern aggregate base. The presentation of a special sports car was held as part of the sports festival Rennsport Reunion VI, which was held in California (USA) on the Laguna Seca track. The festival is notable for the fact that the owners of Porsche cars of various editions are gathering and competing in it. The cost of the new Porsche 935 is 702,000 euros, and at the same time you can ride it only on race tracks – the model does not have access to public roads. A total of 77 copies of the sports car will be produced (why not 78, according to the year of production of the legendary Moby Dick?), which means it will definitely become a collectible model.

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