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Interesting facts about Formula 1

Formula 1 bolidi

Interesting facts about Formula 1

Interesting facts about Formula 1

When a racing car rushes along the road, a very low pressure can form between the bottom of the car and the road surface, it is enough to raise a difficult sewer cover. Such an incident occurred, for example, in 1990 in Montreal in a race of sports prototypes – the lid raised by one of the cars flew into the car following it, the fire started and the race had to be stopped.

Therefore now in all races of sports cars on city streets of a cover are welded a little to a rim of the hatch. This is just one of the interesting facts about Formula 1. Moreover, in the Formula 1 race, women have the right and can participate on equal terms with men. But in the history of Formula 1 competitions, only 5 women took part in them, and only two were able to overcome the qualifying heats and complete the race. In 1975, one of them – Lella Lombardi (Italian) – was able to get points in one of the Grand Prix; no woman was able to repeat this success.

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