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What is a restyled car

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What is a restyled car

What is a restyled car

In a general sense, the term “restyling” (from the English word restyling – modernization, change of style) means any actions that are aimed at processing and improving the existing visual elements of the brand.

Reason for restyling:
High rate of market segment update;
Moral obsolescence of the car;
Elimination of the initial style mistakes;

Features restyled cars
The process of restyling cars is to make some changes to the design of a particular model of the car after 2-4 years after release. At the same time, it is important to understand that the complex of measures developed by engineers, designers and artists will mainly be directed solely at transforming the appearance of the model, and the technical component will often not be subject to modernization.
Only some additional functions are possible, but this is not a prerequisite. For example, starting in 2010, almost every concern that manufactures automobiles included in the update package the integration of semiconductors into the main optics .:
It is customary to distinguish the following types of car restyling

External restyling – changes in the exterior of the car. Among the standard techniques can also be noted a new body color and design of wheels.

Internal restyling – improvements in the interior of the vehicle Often, such changes are associated with the initial ergonomic errors.

Also restyling can be:
Unplanned It happens in cases where the released model has some drawbacks, or the audience for which it was intended was not satisfied with the novelty.
Planned. It is carried out at the moment when the car becomes irrelevant, so there is a need to develop a new, fresh version.

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