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About F1

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About F1

About F1

Formula One (English FIA Formula One World Championship) – the world championship in ring racing on cars with open wheels.

At the Grand Prix from one team can perform 2 pilots in qualifying and race. In addition, in free races on Friday, the team can use

the third pilot, but only 2 cars can participate.

The roots of Formula 1 are in the European Grand Prix auto racing championship, which was held in the 1920s and 1930s. The organizations participating in the Grand Prix formulated the first regulations for holding the World Cup before World War II and planned its introduction in 1941, but until 1946 these rules were not formalized definitively.

In 1946, the newly formed FIA introduced the rules of the so-called Formula A, which was later renamed Formula 1, which came into effect in 1947. The technical regulations were based on several ideas: German riders were excluded from racing for 10 years due to the defeat and occupation of Germany, but this did not concern the Italians since the surrender in 1943 and the participation of the Italians in the fight against the Third Reich dropped many accusations from the country.

Negotiations with the FOM on the race in the capital of Azerbaijan began in 2013, and in March 2014 a preliminary contract was signed. The organization of the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan was carried out at the state level, which emphasized the status of the project and its importance for the country

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