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Traffic jams

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Traffic jams

Traffic jams

Traffic jams, as a rule, are measured by kilometers, then by an hour and, most importantly, by surprise. Peak fades – due to huge congestion. What city can “boast” the longest traffic jams? In Beijing, they are trying to solve a common problem in a rather non-standard way: huge solar-powered buses that rise above traffic jams. The Russian Ministry of Transport says that every year bad road conditions lead to a loss of more than 12 billion dollars. However, taking into account the fact that the road infrastructure of Russia is on the 11th place in the world rating, budget expenditures on this item do not grow, the problem does not move. In the capital of Mexico, a truly Darwinian approach to driving, because about 1,500 pedestrians die in the city every year. Despite the fact that in Mexico City, drivers still complain about the traffic situation. Many guests of Sao Paulo may be surprised that almost all drivers are involved in driving unusual things. Residents are constantly in 3-4 hour traffic jams. On average, they stretch a hundred kilometers or more. As at home, drivers have at their disposal.

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