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Volkswagen Beetle

Brief and interesting facts about the cars

Brief and interesting facts about the cars

We have long been unable to imagine our lives without cars. Those who do not have them, go by taxi or minibus, but still move on some kind of transport. Today we decided to make for you a selection of facts about cars in order to satiate your brain with new interesting and useful facts.

The automotive era began in 1885, when the first car with an internal combustion engine was born. Created this brilliant thing Karl Benz.

Already in 1899, Camilla Zhenattsi, an electric car rider, for the first time overcame a speed threshold of 100 km / h.

In 1959, the car was released, which was the first to have three-point seat belts. Distinguished this time the company Volvo.

Volkswagen Beetle can boast the most massive scale – during its existence more than twenty two million copies of this car have been sold.

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