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Driver! Be careful, keep pedestrian alive

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Driver! Be careful, keep pedestrian alive

Driver! Be careful, keep pedestrian alive

Why is it so difficult for a pedestrian to take the driver’s seat and the driver to the pedestrian’s place? Most of them have a complete misunderstanding of each other. The iron position of the majority of drivers at the wheel – as pedestrians, we would definitely not behave. But once they get out of the car and step on the roadway, they make a lot of mistakes, some of them can become fatal. Be careful on the road! And how will you be in our rapidly changing time? First, there were players, then mobile phones, behind them smartphones and tablets … Our ordinary pedestrian is constantly in a hurry somewhere and is busy with something.

The first thing that a pedestrian should give up is headphones. Try to turn off the headphones while walking around the city on foot, listen to music while in public transport. If this is not possible, we advise you to leave one ear free from the earpiece.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets – our attention is completely absorbed by these multifunctional devices. Pedestrians – do not look right and left when crossing the road. Meanwhile, this is becoming the main cause of traffic accidents today.

Another stupidity committed by pedestrians – the transition of the road is not a green traffic signal.


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