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 Car rent in Baku

rent a car baku

Car rent in Baku

 Car rent in Baku

Renting a car, people inevitably face a lot of questions: the choice of agency, the calculation of cost, insurance, the algorithm of actions in case of emergency. The rules for renting vary from country to country, but the general points can be distinguished. For example, to persons under the age of 18 – even if they turn the steering wheel from infancy or if the tenant does not have the right to drive – they will not give the car anywhere in the world. We want to introduce you to our conditions, which are very simple in their case.

Our advantage – you can drive our cars in Baku and in whole Azerbaijan

Below you can find out the necessary requirements while renting a car with us:

1) passport (or ID)

2) original valid driver’s license,

3) The age of the tenant is 22 years, the experience behind the wheel is not less than a year.

4) If there are scuffs, scratches and other damages on the body, our company notes and shows the tenant before the trip.

5) When pre-booking through our website, we want you to indicate the points of reception and delivery of the car.

6) Renting a car you need to leave a deposit (from 200 AZN), which is returned after the delivery of a safe and sound car. FoxRental – Rent a car baku advises you to book a car in advance and for several days in a row.

7) Registration of all documents for free, as well as this process,  can be performed online.

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