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Novruz holiday


Novruz holiday

Novruz holiday

Novruz is a holiday of spring, the coming of the new year. Azerbaijanis before the celebration of Novruz celebrate the four days of winter, which symbolized the end of the Old and the beginning of the New Year. We are talking about four holidays Tuesdays:

– Su (water)  Chershenbe;

– Od (flame) Chershenbe;

– Yale (wind) Chershenbe;

–Torpag (Akhir) ( soil or last) Chershenbe.

According to popular belief, on the first Tuesday the water was renewed, the still waters began to move. In the second – the fire was renewed, in the third – the wind, and already in the fourth creator buds appeared on the trees, nature wakes up and spring comes.

Novruz holiday is an opportunity to hold many interesting rituals and rituals.

In the evening, each family lights on the roof of the house as many torches as there are people in the family. All members must jump over the burning fire while uttering a special spell. It was customary to guess before darkness fell on the day of “Ahir Cherchenbe”. Azerbaijani girls and boys usually approached the door of their neighbors and “overheard” their conversation, and then, proceeding from the first words he heard, made conclusions about the fulfillment of their desires.


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