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The first car rental

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The first car rental

The first car rental

The first car rental case was in 1916, when the owner (Joe Saunders) of a small auto repair shop in Nebraska (USA) rented out one of his Ford T cars. Previously, he fixed the odometer at the front left wheel. Saunders felt an interest in this service and began to develop this area of ​​his business. In a short time he was able to open 25 branches in various states. The cost of renting a car at Saunders was 10 cents per mile. Seriously violated plans Saunders Great Depression (1929-1933 years). The business became unprofitable and the company went bankrupt.

Another company developing in parallel with Saunders Company was founded by Walter Jacobs. Her story is more successful. After the Second World War, the economy began to rise, which had a positive impact on the car rental industry. In 1945-1950, such well-known companies were created in this area.

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