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Car selection and psychology

Avtomobil seçimi və psixologiya

Car selection and psychology

Car selection and psychology

Psychology is great science. Not only is this science studying the human subconscious, but also widely examines the study of the scope of human activity. Modern psychologists can determine the personal characteristics of each person, on the basis of what we eat and how we dress, how and where we live, and of course, we go on what we drive.

It is believed that every car can say a lot about its owner. So, for example, scientists have found out that huge, heavy machines are chosen by those extraordinary people, who seek to subordinate everything to themselves, and they certainly want to stand out. Small, bright cars are preferred by those for whom personal comfort is paramount. Medium-sized car owners are generalists. They are committed to stability and tranquility. A car for them may be a luxury, but they will never forget that, above all, he is a means of transportation.

The color of the car is not a less significant factor in determining the nature, as well, and the floor of its owner. So red and yellow, most often, choose women or very young people. Black, gray and blue colors give representatives of business professions or people with an appropriate mindset. Dark green, burgundy and beige color – the prerogative of people closed, valued family values. White color, rather, will be chosen by the egoists or dreamers living for today. What kind of cars do you like?

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