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First traffic light

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First traffic light

First traffic light

On the 10th December of 1868, a strange device was installed near the House of Parliament in the center of London. Because people don’t get confused, police are providing some informative papers in the streets about it. And so the world’s first traffic light was put into use of residents of London city. It was very different from the traffic lights of our modern time and it could only be used with gas and human intervention.

But after a while, the leakage of gas caused an explosion and some of the police officers were dead or heavily wounded. Authorities forbade the use of traffic light, it was too dangerous.

Only 44 years later – in 1912 in the USA the traffic light “reborn”. Though with some details, like working with electricity and possessing red and green lights it was near to its modern form, the everyday traffic light we come across was invented on the 5th of August 1914 in the USA, Cleveland. And this day is celebrated as the International Traffic Light Day.

Today new terms and phrases are added to the vocabulary of Western communities via the rise in a number of traffic lights.  One of them is the “Green Wave”. If you consistently go through the traffic, because the traffic lights are green, then it means you have captured the “Green Wave”.

Our cars on their side will provide you with the necessary opportunity to capture the “Green Wave”. Just call now!

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