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First traffic light

First traffic light On the 10th December of 1868, a strange device was installed near the House of Parliament in the center of London. Because people don’t get confused, police are providing some informative papers...
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Novruz holiday

Novruz holiday Novruz is a holiday of spring, the coming of the new year. Azerbaijanis before the celebration of Novruz celebrate the four days of winter, which symbolized the end of the Old and the...
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Car rent in Baku

 Car rent in Baku Renting a car, people inevitably face a lot of questions: the choice of agency, the calculation of cost, insurance, the algorithm of actions in case of emergency. The rules for renting...
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Tough weather in Baku

Tough weather in Baku Since last day, all media channels have reported that there will be dramatic changes in weather conditions on the territory of Azerbaijan. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources reported that...
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Traffic jams

Traffic jams Traffic jams, as a rule, are measured by kilometers, then by an hour and, most importantly, by surprise. Peak fades – due to huge congestion. What city can “boast” the longest traffic jams?...
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About F1

About F1 Formula One (English FIA Formula One World Championship) – the world championship in ring racing on cars with open wheels. At the Grand Prix from one team can perform 2 pilots in qualifying...
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