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First Mercedes

The birth of the brand Benz refers to the year 1886, when Carl Benz created the world’s first three-wheeled car with an internal combustion engine. January 29, 1886 Benz received a patent for the invention...
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Winter tires

Which tires are better for winter: studded or Velcro? Disputes about what kind of rubber is better for winter, studded or “Velcro”, do not subside and they are not going to subside. And there are...
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WHICH MOTOR OIL IS USED? Manufacturers of engines at the design stage are determined with oil brands depending on operating conditions and design features. After that, resource tests of engines are conducted and recommendations for...
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Car gearbox

To understand how the gearbox works, you must divide it into three separate systems: Hydro transformer, gearbox, and hydraulic controller (automatic transmission control unit) The transmission is a simple system of planetary gears, which are...
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The harbinger of Vesta Sport – the eponymous concept – AVTOVAZ presented in 2016 at the Moscow Motor Show. In July 2018, the Russian auto giant distributed official images of the serial “four-door”. In early...
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